Back To Basics

Even though last week was beyond super-expensive, it hasn't stopped me shopping *Guilty Face* My latest acquisitions are a little bit....*gasp*...practical, so I hope this post doesn't send you to sleep too much :) Buying basics isn't the most exciting shopping there is, but you know it needs to get done. 
So...first up...a simple white sleeveless shirt from Zara. This pure beaut will see me through the whole summer. I also went for some nice mashed-up shorts when I was in there- which I can see going with all my recent shoe purchases. Speaking of shoes, these H&M pointy loafers are excellent. They fit really nicely, and they're leather. Sold!
Secondly, another pair of shorts. It's probably a little cray to buy these during the coldest spring week in history, but that Glamour voucher needed flexing :) The sunnies remind me a bit of Chanel, so I went with them. They'll deffo perk up a more lady-like outfit (should I ever wear such a thing!).
Thirdly, I couldn't resist these dotty-print jeggings. They fit like a glove, although I'm not quite sure yet what might go nicely with them.
Finally, some boyfriend jeans from Gap. (How freaking good was their sale thing this weekend? It was so cheap my head was spinning. Although, obvs, their price-points could use a little adjusting in the first instance!). And I've also gone for three of your finest Topshop vest tees. Most summers Topshop do a tee I die for, so I tend to buy them in a few colours and wear them to death. Hopefully these will be no exception. Much love, catch you soon xx

White Shirt & Black Shorts- Zara/Loafers- H&M
Pale Denim Shorts- H&M/Sunglasses- Primark
Dotty Jeggings- Zara
Boyfriend Jeans- Gap/Vest Tops- Topshop



  1. I hear you with the basics! Must get some if those top shop ts, life savers! Love the dotty trousers and shoes x

  2. Basics can look timeless, xoxo.

    1. Agreed!
      It's probably a bit more of a buzz to buy nice shiny frivolous things though! (Having said that I love all shopping, to be honest!!) x


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