So, I just wanted to jump straight in and show youse what I've been splashing the cash on. Apologies in advance as there's probably wayyyy too much stuff here for one post, but I'm a bit over excited and wanted to share :)
First up: I've jumped on the Homies hype. *Predictable Face* This Brian Lichtenberg dupe is priddy good. If you haven't checked out his stuff have a lil' looksee here.
Second up: I got bare bare love for my white stilettos. Ok, so they're plastic. But they were literally the last pair in the shop....and they happened to be Size 5. Score! So, I scooped them up like a ninja.
Third up: Some flatform plimmies. I've been craving these big time and had to search several Topshops for a Size 4 (as Size 5 was comin' up welllll roomy) so I was buzzing to finally find them. (I'm still craving these bad boys but again, there's a lil' sizing issue- Size 4 is a bit small, Size 5 too big so I'm telling myself I can't get them...will it work? Hell to the probably not!).
Fourth up: A fake Ahhh-Bra from Primark. It's actually really strong fabric....I'm super-impressed, and I'll deffo be going for this in a few different colours. And, yeah, I slipped a pair of mirrored round sunnies into my Primark basket. At £2 it would've been silly not to.
Fifth up: I had zero intention of buying these zippy trousers. My mum actually had her eye on them, and since she had declared she was feeling well enough to shop and wanted to 'rejoin the land of the living', we decided to hit up Zara. We both tried them on, and...whadyaknow....we both loved them. They are such an excellent fit, it's insania. By the way- I'm looking to pair the patterned slippers with a boyfriend jean, when I can find one I like. *Holy Grail Alert* (Incidentally, I saw top blogger chick Lucita in Zara...I had to stop myself running up to her and going "Oh My God I Love Your Blog" and various other slightly insane ramblings...good job as she'd probably have got me thrown out!).
Sixth Up: Some Topshop goodies- in the shape of some lush checkerdy pants, some super-useful sweatshirts, and the best side-fastening ankle zip trousers I think I've ever tried on. 
And finally (phew)- two new Bazza M colours for spring. You can't go wrong :)
Homies Tee- Urban Outfitters/White Heels- New Look
Plimmies- Topshop/Bra Top and Sunnies- Primark
Zip Trousers and Patterned Slippers- Zara
Printed Pants, Sweatshirts and Side Zip Trousers- Topshop
Nailpolishes- Boots



  1. We love the first t-shirt, is so nice. Great purchases! Kisses and you've new followers!

  2. I am also on the look out for the perfect Boyfriend jeans, you are right with calling them the Holy Grail! Stay strong in the search ;-) x

    1. Haha :)
      Zara have got some good 'uns on line, but not in store yet..
      and I like to try try try before I buy!!


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