Fly Girl

Where Rihanna leads, I like to follow. (Not in chasing around after violent, arrogant, unrepentant, vile, ex boyfriends- but sartorially- I mean). So when I clocked her working a boilersuit, I thought "I'll give it whirl". Now, I might've gone a touch literal here- as my look has turned out a tiny bit more Top Gun/Neighbours-Era-Kylie than it perhaps should've. (A heel may well have sorted that). But I thought I'd just throw these piccies out there anyway :) This jumpsuit is actually ridiculously comfy, and it also comes in a playsuit version (which you might've seen Hugo off MIC's bird Nat-Jo wearing in this week's Hello!). Get the boilersuit here and the playsuit here. Hope Monday is treating you well, catch you soon xx
P.S. 'This Is Us' was too too good. So good I'm going to see it again, in fact! There's no real revelations, and no searing insights (other than Zayn actually can speak!) but I happened to be there that night at the O2, so it's very spesh, and I wanna relive it a few times more! (So I will).
Boilersuit- River Island//Snapback- H&M
Boots- Office//Sunnies- Topshop



  1. The boilersuit looks great and looks effortlessly cool! I laughed at the comment about Zayn, it's so true! I need to go and see the film! x

    Secrets of a PR girl

    1. Thanx doll :)

      Yeah...go go go!!

      I actually realllly liked Zayn in the film- he's obvs more comfortable speaking around people he knows, rather than in interviews.

      He's a sweetie!!

      (She said- neatly ignoring the cheating, the Skyping randoms at 3am for booty calls, the bare stupidity of getting a tattoo of a girl you've known for like, 5 minutes, on your arm, and then getting engaged to said girl- hoping it'll make everything alright).

      Apart from that he's ledge :)

  2. You still look cool even without the heels ;), xoxo.

    1. Thanx my lovely-

      I've just seen a piccie of Rosie H-W though in a boilersuit and heels and she's deffo working it to perfection!! (As per).



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