You Were My Summer Love

I'm struggling big-time to let go of the summer. I feel like it only just got here...and now it's gone. So, in another one of my (seemingly endless) 'farewell-you-beautiful-but-oh-so-short-season' posts I thought I'd just round-up the death throes of warmer days with these pictures. This is, basically, what turned out to be my absolutely most favouritest dress of the summer. It was comfortable, man-repelling (always a winner!) and just all-round-shamaze. I was super-pleased to see Posh decided to go with this baggy saggy shape for her S/S14 collection. Deffo sign me up for Look 16 and call me happy little mother smocker. You can still get this dress on the Toppers website by the way. Have a fab weekend, catch you soon xx
Dress- Topshop//Hat- H&M
Boots- Office//Sunnies- Topshop



  1. Wow, I'm in love with that dress!! Great look!
    You have a new follower!


  2. awesome shoes & I don't want to say goodbye to summer either!!

    1. Thanx gorge....killer innit?
      I deffo need to live somewhere hot 24/7/365!!

  3. i do like this... i just can't really pull off blue tho...

    NO don't text the ex... they're exes for a reason. watch 'he's just not that into you' in moments of weakness. it's my bible for life that film!

    and yes... find someone without parents on this earthly plane. i've decided to put ANY wedding talk on hold until his are in a home or underground. i sound like a cow but it's the truth. i can't even deal with their level of cray cray.

    in other news... love kim's hair! i think it's beaut. but i always think life is better blonde...

    RT sponge... bought two yday. tried one today. VERY impressed. doing some wedding make-up next week so gonna use it then cos the test will be how i manage it on other peeps. have high hopes tho and it's like a totes barg compared to the real schbang.

    hope your having a shamaze weekend beaut! i've decided i'm gonna miss ya when i go on hol! i'll have a belle/downton/kardashion marathon when i return! ha!


    1. DARL!!!!

      O.M.G. you won't believe this, but like, BIBLE, 'He's Just Not That Into You' is my bible!! I have it by my bed and read it in moments of weakness (which are many). That book is actually the reason why I haven't contacted The Ex at all. (Plus, I googled him t'other day- STANDARD- and found these piccies I'd never seen before- they reminded me of exactly why he's a complete prick- and also why I still like him, in equal measure). Gahhhhhhh.

      Agreed- Kimmy's hair looks gooooood. I'm worried Kanye made her do it though (the arsehole control freak).

      I need a RT-BB lesson! I know it's a good 'un- but I feel I'm doing summat wrong?? I've gone back to my brush straight away. Pleeeeeze do a tutorial or a mahoosive post.....?!?

      I'm sure we'll speak before you fly...but if we don't have a ledge time!! Marathon sesh pencilled in!!

  4. Your dress is absolutely stunning and you look wonderful!



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