We Fade To Grey

I dunno about you, but I'm just a touch overexcited about the thought of the Zara sale. I'm probably more excited about it than Christmas! (Sad, I know). I promised myself I wouldn't buy ANYTHING until it starts, but.....I'm weak. I crumbled. I bought this sweatshirt. And skirt. (And a couple of other things too- eek!). I've seen loads of bloggers in this skirt- it's the perfect sculptural shape, and the very reminiscent of the Philip Lim version. Also, don't ask me how, but I managed to get a bit of a shallow depth of field thing going on in this first picture- I wish accidents like that would happen everytime! Hopefully Santa might get me a remote for Xmas so I can use my proper low aperture lens all the time (listen to me, like I know what I'm talking about!!). Anyway, enough blathering, have a fab and not too stressy weekend doing your present shopping. See you next week x
Sweatshirt- Zara
Skirt- Zara
Hat- Topshop



  1. God I am impressed by your camera knowledge! Are you a tripod DIYer too? I am so rubbish at camera related things - I wish there was a course for camera dummies or something!! LOVELOVELOVE the sweater xxx

    1. Sash...Oh My Dayz....I'm such a div!
      I'm literally the biggest loser on the planet when it comes to techy shizz.
      I mean...look at the state of this blog for a start....everytime I attempt to learn HTML stuff on YouTube I get a headache :(
      At least you've got a navbar!!!

      I'm sure there is a 'DSLR For Dummies' book out there- but that would probably make my brain hurt too!!

      Anyway...I'm typing too much (again)...have a good weekend doll!

  2. oh em gee! i am EXACTLY the same! i keep going online to make a mental of note of what i want hehe!

    oh and LOVE this leopard jumper. gorge.


    1. Thanx darl'.....#zaraaddicts...hope you are feeling better x


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