Dear Santa

My love for handbags knows no bounds, but I do not- as yet- have a Chanel in my life. With Christmas just around the corner a 'Timeless' is at the very top of my wishlist (with a 'Wallet On A Chain' not too far behind). Obviously, buying a Chanel is a huge, big, mahoosive deal, but one that you can always justify in your mind for its resale value alone!!! (Ahem). The prospect of owning a Chanel is not only beyond heart-stoppingly exciting, but yes, it's also an investment. (Woo!) Like, you know, a house. (And at approximately the same cost). I've convinced myself (ha!).....but have I done a job on Santa? We'll have to see........x
What's at the top of your Christmas wishlist?
(Ph by Working Girl. She literally has the best stuff. If you aren't following her on Instagram, get on it).


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