Maroon Two

I just had to have these leggings in my life, but my search for them was about as stressy as Jessica Chastain's hunt for Bin Laden* (Spot the slight overstatement). I'd seen sooo many girls rocking them hard and every H&M I went into had zip zero nada maroon legginz. Cry face. I was distraught and on the verge of buying the black ones in Size 10.....when...GASP....one random shopping sesh united me with these beauts. There they were- a single lovely panelled pleather pair of burgundy leggings in Size 8 for the insanely ridick bargain price of £7.99. There is a god (and his name is Henry Cavill...holy moses, if you saw the BAFTAs last night, you'll know what I'm sayin').  
Anyways, getting into these leg-casings was a whole 'nother ball game. (Should I just admit I'm a Size 10? Noooo...I shall never surrender!) If you ever saw the episode of the Kardashians where Kim has to jump around like a loon to get herself (and her ledge booty) into her skinny jeans then you'll know what was involved here. Lots of hopping, some ninja ballet moves and a sesh of severe breathing in finally got me dressed. (No lying down with these lovelies as the zip is at the back). And...well, I reckon they're worth it. Maroon is such a winter colour that I dunno how many wears I'll still get out of them this year.....but I care not. They were my fashion holy grail....and I found 'em :)
Happy Monday, catch you soon xx
Leggings- H&M
Jumper- H&M
Shirt- H&M
Hat- Primark



  1. Fab leggings! I love H&M, You can always find something nice and cheap in there! Great sunnies too. x

    1. Thanx darl'! Following you now :) x


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