Mad About The Boy

My love for Harry Styles knows no bounds. Has there ever been a more divine child on the planet? He's just so.....lovely, intelligent, mature, quirky, cute, naughty...and, of course, very stylish. 
Cut to Topshop at the weekend. There I was, browsing round the nail polish section, when I spied these two girls standing by two mystery machines. We got talking and it turns out these A-M-A-Z-I-N-G contraptions produce none other than instant nail art. I was agog. Especially as my nail art skillz are approximately nil. I browsed through their handy iPad of possible designs...and there he was....my boy...Harry...available to instantly be 'painted' on my nail. O-M-G. Where do I sign?
I happened to have already painted my nails the day before (with Essie's 'Butler Please' and 'Blanc') and it turned out that my white feature nail was the perfect backdrop for whatever design I chose. 
You simply put your nail into the machine, which then clamps shut to keep your finger in place. A minute or so later your nail comes out perfectly decorated. A quick brush of topcoat and you're good to go. 
The company are called Flash ON Nails, their website is here 
They do all sorts of amaze nail type shizz so check 'em out :)
I also got my other feature nail 'flashed' with some Louis Vuitton graffiti art, and very pleased I am with it too :) (You're probably gonna tell me I've been living in a cave and you can get your nails done by these machines everywhere, but it's all new to me...and super-exciting). Please excuse my hands in these pictures- they are pure skank. I've got the worst circulation and my skin colour tends to oscillate between 'dead man blue' and 'farmhand red'.
Just to mention- my jumper is a new one from Topshop as well, it's more of a fine knit than their fantastic cropped ones, but with a similar waffle texture thing happening. Hope you're having a lovely Monday, catch you soon xx



  1. How cool are your nails!!!??!! They look dead nice. Checked out the link for that website and there products are really good, tad pricey though. You try ebay next time for some harry styles water decals, there link £1.99. Just type in 'Harry styles nail'



    1. Thanx so much!
      I have to confess I actually love paying people to do things for me!!
      Espesh when I'm so bad at them myself...and my nails are still going strong. No chips at all....well worth £3.50 I reckon :)) x


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