Winter Wishlist

Ok, so, let's start with a quick confesh: I didn't manage to shoot any looks last weekend. It was pissing down with rain, and I feel as ruff as ruff can be at the minute. Basically- I've got a shockingly bad eye infection- I can't see much of anything (priddy scary) and I can't wear any make-up. So snapping any piccies is out the window (and may be for a while)- unless red eyed zombies are a thing and no-one told me. Hence this lil' ole post. So, let's get stuck in. Now, there's nowt here that's new, or fresh or that you haven't seen loads of times everywhere else (probably)...but...I love all this stuff. I mean, how can you not? Kicking off with a Byredo scent (and candles)....everything about this brand is perf (and shopping in Liberty is always ace). Ain't gonna lie, I'm very much a Narsaholic, and maybe just maybe when my eyes are better (please god, let me go back to seeing normally and not viewing the world through a blurred bloodshot stinging veil) I'll treat myself to some new make-up (gotta throw all the old stuff out anyway). Next up- some Calvin croppies. Still luvin' 'em...although, to be fair, they're quite tough to track down. Netaporter are low on stock, so try ASOS instead. This Balenciaga jumper is the ulitmate in luxury dressing and I basically want.it.bad. And rounding off this Poly of wanties is a Mansur Gavriel backpack, a Larsson & Jennings watch, a Smythson notebook and some Superstar 2s. Happy Lustin' :)) xx



  1. Oh no hope your eye infection clears up soon! Sounds painful :(

    God tell me about the calvins! I decided I wanted a set for xmas but really prefer the non-wired soft bralette style rather than the racerback crop top - and can I find them anywhere??? Not a hope in hell!

    Chin up sweetie xx


  2. I love the whole monochrome/grey theme going on here - the backpack is so nice!

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