How To Raise Your Instagram Game

I'm very much on the record when it comes to my issues with Instagram. Posting on IG- for me- is about as pleasant as having a bikini wax. I do, however, enjoy "the creative process" (wank wank) and a few props and tricks have helped me get someway towards filling my feed with the pictures I want. Now, I'm deffo no expert and far from "successful" on there (whatever successful means), but I thought I'd try and share what I've learned thus far.
But First Coffee
Coffee is such a huge thing on IG I can actually smell the caffeine coming off my iPad. Which is all the more tormenting because I can't and don't drink the stuff. But.How.I.Wish.I.Freakin'.Did. So what is a frothy cup of the alluring liquid doing in this flatlay? It's a prop that's what. And one of the cheapest and easiest you'll find. *Of course you're probably normal and go out for coffee and drink it off of lovely marble-top tables but Muggy here doesn't. This cup smelt so so good when I was shooting this, I nearly undid six months of Anti-Inflammatory Diet Strictness in one big gulp. But I stayed strong.
Gaining My Marbles
So, because I don't go out for coffee on the regz (or indeed ever) nor do I have pots of dosh to buy this beaut I decided to fake the aforementioned table top too. And Wilko have come up with the perfect budget-friendly way of doing it. Of course you're supposed to carefully (read: avoiding air bubbles) cover some foamboard with this faux-print sticky back plastic, but I'm lazy and can't be arsed so I just roll that shit out when I need it. The shine sometimes gives the game away, but you can deal with that via some careful post production (hark at Wes Anderson's art director over here). And a marble background is hella handy for lots of different flatlays you may wanna share with the world, not just for cawfee.
Giving You Props
I also find that gathering together an array of accessories can enhance your IG no end. These include:- white card (also for your flatlays), vases, flowers (fake and real), magazines and framed graphic prints. *Obvious Claxon. I also recently bought a plain white sheet as nothing repulses me more than shoes on a bed. And coz it's very definitely a thing- to sit on your bed and take pictures of your feet that is- I needed to jump on that hype too. Plus, you can then move your sheet to the best light source- whereas that can be a teeny bit impractical when it comes to shifting your double divan. Of course, you may want to just use IG as Kevin Systrom and Mike Kreiger intended- for just throwing on your snaps and documenting your life in a fun and carefree kinda way. In which case ignore everything I've just said. Toodles. Catch you soon  x
Rings- Other Stories//Vase- Ikea//Marble Print Paper- Wilko



  1. Oh man! I usually keep wondering how people manage those posh IG shots! Personally, I'm more of an impulsive, this is my life (ugly as it may be) kinda IGer. Love these tips though! (Must buy a marble roll on soon though). Great post, and omg! What do you drink if you don't have coffee? (Water, obvs, but you, in the erm...not water category?).

    1. Hello Lovely!!!
      I'm starting to think I need to chill with IG and start being a bit more random :))
      Yep- I'm a water girl :((
      And a decaf organic green tea girl too (which actually I love- but let's not kid ourselves- coffee it ain't!!)

  2. Love these tips! Defo off to Wilkos now ;) I'm not a coffee girl either but the drinks I do like are uninstagrammable because they're so unhealthy and everyone will judge haha! x

    Josie’s Journal

    1. Thank you babe :)))
      We should make it our mission to fill IG with Irn Bru and Lucozade!!!

  3. Oh my word Belle... I heart your guide to Instagram loveliness! It's killin' me! So funny :D xxx



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