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It was my birthday last week (big up the Gemini crew), and I just wanted to share what I got. The great thing about prezzies is that (with any luck/lots of elephantine hints) they are accoutrements that you wouldn't/couldn't buy for yourself. (Dunno about youse, but I seem to spend most of my money on bills bills bills, and then try and make myself feel better by buying lots of things in Zara that I can't afford and end up having to take back). So, what lovely birthday shizzle did I get given? First up- perfume.
Flowerhead by Byredo
I've wanted a Byredo scent for the longest time, but (see above) could never make the leap, money-wise. So I made sure I tested the whole range before eagerly popping this on my wish list. There's tuberose in there (which is priddy much my fave flower), some rose (also j'adore) and lemon notes too. It's heady. It's intense. It lasts all day and it's super amazing. Get yours here.
Also on the Bee-Day hitlist was something Comme Des Garcons. More specifically-
CDG Play
This line of tees, sweatshirts, tops (and Converse) has a deservedly cult following. The iconic heart logo says 'Hi I'm in the Comme club worship my coolness/I'm a dick who spends a lot of money on basics just coz they've got a cute heart with googly eyes on them' (delete as appropriate). Either way I've been lusting for quite some time. I didn't know whether to go for a tee, or a long-sleeved Breton or a green heart or what. Eventually I went classic and very happy I am too. Get yours here. *NB They come up small, I had to go for a medium. Also on my extremely fullsome 'Can I Have It? Please Please Please' list was some make-up, namely-
MAC Honeylove
For a while I've been weighing up whether I'm a Velvet Teddy or a Honeylove kinda gal. If money were no object (again) I'd almost certainly be both (and quite a few other MAC shades too). But for The List I decided to just narrow it down to one, and Honeylove it was. It is the perfect matte texture (as per its rep) and an adorably neutral easy-to-wear beige with a hint of sixties Bardot. Get yours here. All in all I was buzzzzing with my gifts and so grateful to my lovely family who are all the bomb. What's on your birthday wishlist? Lemmie know :) xx PS Many thanks to all those lovely people who really got in the celebratory, generous, kind, warm-hearted birthday spirit and unfollowed me on Instagram. I'm sure I speak for all lovely generous, kind, warm-hearted people (the ones with actual blood running through their veins, not ice) when I say- I hope you die a painful death in the gutter. 
Flowerhead Perfume by Byredo//CDG Play Top by Comme Des Garcons//Honeylove Lippie by MAC


  1. Really like the look of that MAC lippy!

    Lauren x | http://kissand-make-up.blogspot.co.uk/

  2. Hope you had a good birthday! Love the Comme Des Garcons t shirt, dying to get it :p
    Feel free to check out our latest post x

  3. Such cool stuff! I hope you had a great birthday! xx


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