The Playsuit And The Gladiator

How do you solve a #firstworldproblem like a temperamental gladiator sandal? Mine are giving me such grief- gravity-wise- that I'm thinking of resorting to sellotape, Blu-Tack and possibly even super glue to get the buggers to stay put. (Remember when Frenchy pierced Sandy's ears in Grease and told her in no uncertain terms that "beauty is pain"? Looks like I'll be embracing that quote all summer long). Even if I can get them to remain tied and in place, my circulation is then thrown into jeopardy. I'm the kinda gal who gets red indentations on my arms from handbags, elaborate sleep-patterns all over her face and bruises like a peach; so even five minutes with a lace tied tightly round my leg induces all sorts of imprints and unfortunate visual lacerations. Anyway. Whining done, stick a fork in me. The playsuit is now in the sale and the glads are so silly-cheap that you should chance your, er, leg with them if you haven't already. And if you've stumbled upon a foolproof method of making them stay hoisted, hit me up up up xx
Playsuit- Zara//Gladiators- Mango



  1. Ohh love your sandal collection! You can never go wrong with gladiators and love how these can be ankle or knee high, need them ha,ha xx


  2. I.feel.your.pain.

    I get the ties just in the right place and then a few paces and they are dragging on my ankles!

    Love the last pic! x

  3. the shoes look great on you! i love the second look. haha believe me, I would get the most visible lacerations from those shoes too!

    Metallic Paws

  4. So very tempted to buy that playsuit - dem pockets! I think the sandals are worth the agg because they look so good x

    Josie’s Journal


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