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I'd been meaning to go to Ikea for ages. But there was one big problem. (Brace yourselves for possibly the most unglamorous words a blogger has ever typed). And that is- here goes- the roadworks at Neasden. Fuck only knows what's going on at Neasden but in order to get to that big blue and yellow shop in Wembley I was going to have to sit in bumper-to-bumper traffic for quite a while. And as #anyfulekno there's liderally no point going to Ikea unless you go in a car. So I decided to brave it and was duly caught up in a ridiculously annoying traffic jam of epic proportions. To make matters worse, Radio 1 Xtra did not play a single grime tune for the whole journey, which darkened my mood considerably. When I did finally arrive however, I dived straight into the shop bit, and here's what I bought.
The Chair
I've been after a stark looking chair for a while. I love these Wire Eames Ones but I didn't want the budget to get outta hand, so luckily- as I was walking through the final bit of Ikea where all the flatpack furniture is- I spied a desk display. There was one single chair there and I liked what I saw. So I dismantled the display (#soznotsoz) and ran to the checkout to find that this baby was only five quid. A fiver! I know! And it was light, and folded up which meant it could go in the car boot and I didn't have to kill my back too much. Result.
The Picture Frame
I've been a Sealoe fangirl for sometime now, and I've had this 'Noir' print laying lifeless under the sofa, just begging to be framed. So now it's in its rightful home and looking beautifully minimal. Job Done.
The Fluffy Rug
I also picked up this fluffball of a rug for £10. It's got great grammability and in desperate moments I can also hug it. #doublewin
The Faux Plant
Ikea are genius at these, and I hauled two this time round. Given that I can kill a real plant with one stare, they are deffo the way forward for me.
The Vase
If you're a Att Pynta fan then you'll like the vibe of this vase. It reminds me a bit of a Dalek, but a very cool one. #dontexterminatemeplease
The Notebooks
I also pounced on these like a crazy ass mofo when I saw them. Again, I had IG in mind (just for a change) and these pastel beauts have got quite a bit of photo-mileage in them I reckon. (Can only find the stripey one on-line, apols).
The Cushion
No trip to Ikea is complete without a cushion purchase and I plumped (audible groan from the audience) for this jazzy one. Don't look at it for too long though as it'll make your eyes go funny. #trippy
The Light
I'm literally the dumbest girl in the entire universe so the prospect of actually having to construct something (even a lil' old desk lamp) left me in a 'I can't do it, wahhhh!' type of panic. But I went for it anyway. It took me four days to open the box (Easter kinda got in the way), and another two days to dare to look at the instructions. Several , 'What the fucks', 'But that doesn't make any senses' and 'It must be brokens' were uttered over the course of half an hour, but to my utter surprise, Rome got built. Nice Innit.
And Finally
I also did a micro-haul from The White Company, and bought these marble coasters (see Pic 2). I still pray  that one day, as I browse their catalogue I will magically be transported to the Narnia that is White Company Land where everything is clean and beautiful and lovely (tell me I'm not alone). Catch you soon x
Other Items: H&M Velcro Sneakers //Aesop Handcream//Byredo Perfume//APC Half Moon Bag


  1. God damn those roadworks when one is on a quest to Ikea!! And NO grime, I would have been fumes as well babes. Loving the pieces you picked up! When you finally got there...


  2. Lol the roadworks at Neasden! Someone clearly lives very near me, and I am feeling your ikea deprived pain!!
    Had my eye on that APC bag for too long - need!
    Bethany x



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