Nicole Vienna x Me (And Some Alexa Thoughts)

It'll come as no surprise when I impart the following: I have mountains of clothes, gazillions of shoes and a helluva lot of handbags. My watch collection, however, is somewhat lagging behind. So I was very happy to be able to add this Nicole Vienna Black Mesh beauty into my wrist candy stash. Nicole Vienna is a newish Scandi brand and all the watches in their collection have beautiful black marble faces, which is deffo something I can get on board with. What you sayin'? Also, we need to talk Alexa. The eagle-eyed amongst you will have already clocked that I'm wearing the pink fluffy Myrtle jumper from her Archive x M&S collection. It looks so cute and cuddly, but unfortunately on me it clings like, well, a Stage 4 Clinger. Sad to say, none of the other pieces I swiped from the drop did much for me either. The culottes made me look fat (AKA fatter), the Harry blouse I just couldn't get on and the blazer wasn't happening either. I think if you are skinny and natural looking and you've got a bob (basically, if you're Alexa) then you're laughing. (In more ways than one, I'd imagine). How have you got on with her pieces? Let me know chicas x
*Watch- Nicole Vienna//Jumper- Archive By Alexa
Trousers- Topshop//Kicks- H&M
Prints- Sealoe//Rug- Ikea



  1. Probably recognise my name from living on the like button on your instagram feed for so long, kept forgetting to check out your blog! lol new major fan girl over here, in love!
    Bethany x


  2. Ohh I love the watch, such a classic timeless piece! I also love this whole outfit for casual sundays :) x

    Jenny | Krystel Couture + House of Fraser Giveaway


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