The Summer Slide You Need

I was out shopping on Bond Street with Mumsy over the Bank Holiday weekend (plus ca change); and whilst she was busy trying on every pair of Frame jeans known to womankind- I did the only thing possible to keep my sanity- and wandered off. My meandering (AKA homing pigeon qualities) helped me stumble across a beautiful table of stunningly minimal sandals by the Swedish brand ATPatelier. Naturally I immediately began trying on slides like armageddon was about to hit. I narrowed it down to the classic Rosa sandal, and once Mum had found the Frames of her dreams (and a few other bits) we both made our purchases and happily swanned off. But then (as is the norm with me), the guilt kicked in. I never feel bad about spending big on bags, but where everything else is concerned, I panic. Then I recalled that somewhere I'd seen a verryyyyy good dupe of the ATPs. *Lightbulb Moment* It was Missguided! Of course it was. Enter stage left the sickest £14 dupe you ever did see. Guilt successfully assuaged, the beautiful expensive babies went back (cry face) and the cheap-as-chips hotties are now mine, and on my feet in this very shoot. (You wouldn't have known really, would you?) Catch you soon x
Culottes- Zara//Slides- Misguided//Bag- APC



  1. OMG Misguided? Such a good dupe x

  2. I love good sandal dupes, and these are no exception! I really do think I need them.

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

  3. They are incredible!!! BRB! xx


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