Being Pretty vs Being Cool

So, here's the thing-  my dad happens to be short, ginger and pale. And genetics deemed that I should follow is his ghostly-skinned, carrot-topped shoes. (Hi Dad, luv u). There's no doubt I'd infinitely prefer to be leggy and endlessly tanned, but you know- I've got two arms, two legs, I don't have a lisp or a limp so I need to STFU and get on with it, right? And mostly I do. I won't pretend that I don't paint myself in several coats of fake tan on the regz, or that I don't dye my hair once a month to try and make myself just that little bit more brunette, but naturally blessed I am not. (And that's just the tip of iceberg when it comes to my physical deficiencies). However, "trying" to be pretty is actually a helluva lot easier than "trying" to be cool (coz I'm not predisposed to being that either). Coolness can't be bought, nor can it be manufactured. It doesn't come from a contoured face or wearing a Gucci t-shirt. It just is. So why am I trying to be either? Why am I not just busy being 'me'? Well- there's blogging for a start. It requires you to be at least one, if not both. And then there's my unending state of singleness. Boys (in my experience) are always gonna opt for pretty over cool. Therefore in order to date I have to adopt the obvious sartorial tropes that seem to have the most man-appeal. I can do a false-lash or a tight top for a night, but honestly, I'd rather not. (Unfortunately I'm drawn to the kind of blokes who like the ho' look- ballers and ruffnecks, basically). But am I actually naturally a man-repeller where my style is concerned, or just a man-repeller all round? I'm not sure that I'm going to unravel and resolve this whole issue here, but I do feel instinctively that I want to wear what I want to wear, and if I never go on another date again, then fuck it. 

So onto the actual deets of this classic boy-repulsing look. Yes! I actually got my hands on the Weekday x Champion trackie (although this seems like a very small victory as they appear to be endlessly restocking). I also recently picked up these pink Air Max, (these and these are also ledge). Do I look cool in this? Probably not. Pretty? Doubtful. Should I stop over-thinking errrrything? Definitely. Catch you soon x
Champion trackie- here and here// Alternative- herehere and here
Nike Air Max- here// Alternative- here and here
Nike Socks- here // Alternative- here



  1. Cool>pretty ALL DAY. Pretty is nice but can be dull. Not only are you gorge you are unique too and if all else fails at least you'll get likes on the 'gram haha. Always jealous of your ability to pull off EVERY THING.

    PS. So with you on being a man repeller, I think I may as well join a flipping nunnery... x

    Sick Chick Chic

  2. I totally relate to this! I grew up in Bristol & was obsessed with skateboarders so much so that instead of going out with them, I just dressed like them. And still do to an extent! I never felt like the hot girl at school because I loved my sneaks & beanies & it's shit that we should be made to feel less desirable for sticking on a pair of trainers... But what I will say is that I've always stuck to my own fashion guns & my bf of nearly 5 years says that's one thing that stood me out from the rest. Also when you're wearing the same trainers as your future boyfriend it's hard not to start a conversation :) You might call it boy repulsing but I call it fuck-boy repelling & that my dear is what you want!

  3. Well I think you're fucking fab lady (that means pretty AND cool, K!) but yeah, hear ya on this whole post front - WTF do boys want!?!? Eughhhhh xx


  4. loved this! fuck the men!

    Sinead x


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