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Although it has been the most stunningly warm September, my mind has been tuned into new season clothes since I spied *an actual coat* on the rails in a shop that shall remain nameless, way back in July. Basically: fashion waits for no gal (or temperature). So when Urban Outfitters hit me up recently to pick some pieces that are going to take me sartorially through Autumn, my little fashion brain started cogging away like mad. First up- this Champion hoodie- which I'm utterly cray for. I've just paired it here with some old H&M house pants and my much-worn Adilettes, but you can take this baby up the fashion scale quite easily into Vetements territory should you so choose.
Next up- some kicks. If you follow my IG you'll know I'm a hopelessly addicted sneakerhead (soz bank manager), so I didn't hesitate to go for these pink Hamburgs. If you don't know, Hamburgs are an 80s casual classic that have been reissued. I love the low profile and- of course- the colour. (On Wednesdays I wear pink, and on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and.....you get the idea). 
Speaking of pink, I also picked up this hoodie, which comes from Urban Outfitters own renewal range. And I've put it together here with some frayed-hem cropped jeans from BDG. I realllllly love BDG as a label- and I already have this pink sweatshirt- which I freaking adore (spotting a pink theme much?). 
And my final choices were these incred Adidas pants and jacket. Again, they tap right into that retro hype, and I'm nothing if not an 80s casual at heart. Just put me on a football terrace and call me happy. (Uuuuuu Rrrrsssssss. Big up all my West LDN hoolies). Let me know what you think of these pick ups- quite frankly- I'm buzzing. Catch you soon xx
*All Pieces From Urban Outfitters (unless otherwise stated)



  1. I love the pieces you chose, my favourite is the pink hoodie, urban outfitters has to be one of my favourite shops,



  2. Wow, I'm loving these pieces and the ripped hem jeans are my favourite <3

    Jenny | Krystel Couture + Giveaway


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