Gucci Dreaming

If money grew on trees I'd be wearing head-to-toe Gucci, all day, erryday. (Well- I'd maybe take Saturday and Sunday off to wear head-to-toe CĂ©line- but you get the idea). Unfortunately, money doesn't manifest itself quite as easily as foliage, so us fashionistas have to face dilemmas. Big ones. Huge ones. Now, I'm gonna fess up to you straight off the bat here that these beautiful loafers are not Gucci, but some seriously good dupes (in case you hadn't guessed). Generally, I don't like copies of stuff, for a multitude of reasons. But sometimes my fashion lustings get the better of me. Luckily, I do actually own a Real Deal Holyfield pair of Gucci loafers which were the most incred birthday prezzie I have ever received. I've never owned a £500 pair of shoes before and the thought of the price tag makes me sick whenever I think about it, but they are beyond beautiful and make me buzz with excitement whenever I glance at them. (Check out these excellent budget babies here though). But when Old Alessandro (my mate) dropped some new Princetown styles earlier this year my eyes popped out of my head with desire. I never even dreamed a dupe of those could be this good. But here it is. A tremendous, well made seriously detailed copy of a very expensive original. We could debate all year about the rights and wrongs of this, but well, I don't feel bad. Yes I wish I was richer, but in the meantime- you know that Larry bloke? Well I'm as happy as him, if not happier. Catch you soon x
 Mohair Jumper here//(alternative here)//Jeans here ( raw-hem alternatives here and here)//Clear Glasses here and here 
Loafers- ShopAnnaXi//Jeans- H&M
Jumper- H&M//Glasses- H&M



  1. Absolutely loving these - nothing wrong with a good pair of dupes here and there! Lovely post x


  2. Wow these loafers look amazing!! I've seen these so much on the likes of instagram and other blogs and just think they look so dreamy x

    Jenny | Krystel Couture

  3. They are gorgeous!

    | www.pxll.co.uk | x


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