New In: Balenciaga Bazar

I'd like to tell you that I thought long and hard about buying this bag, but I didn't. I spied it when it first dropped back in August and knew that it had to be mine. My mum (ever the purveyor of wisdom) told me to wait a bit, save a bit, cover the bills for my flat first and then go forth. I did all that (much to her surprise) and then fortuitously stumbled upon The Beaut when I was out browsing at a boutique near to where I live. I say fortuitously coz basically they always give me ten per off. (Result!). So why this particular baby? Well, 1) I'm the biggest Demna fangirl going and this is his first bag for Balenciaga. (Would that I could dress head to toe in Balenciaga and Vetements all day, erryday, and Oh Lordy just feast yer eyes on this new season stripe version). 2) It's roomy as hell (I deffo struggle with small bags, ain't gonna lie) and 3) JUST LOOK AT IT! 
My only slight quibble is that there's a mixed hardware situation going-on. Basically, the logo is in gold while the zip and long handle details are in silver. I can't really deal with that. Maybe it's cool, or maybe I'm just OCD. (Probably both). Moving onto some outfit deets- since I got this Pretty Little Thing jumper I've lived in it. With the temperature dropping down in the last few days it is literally the cosiest thing to wear everrr and I actually dread taking it off at the end of the day. (Weird Confession Alert!) My jeans are the newer step-hem offering from H&M. (The 'Trend' version are amaazzinng, but very long and more than a touch unflattering, these fit way better and come in black too. #yassss). And my feet are shod in- still can't believe it- Gucci babies. (I'm trying to keep them from getting wrecked but it's a tough gig). Let me know what you think about my new baby and what is next on your handbag hitlist, catch you soon x

Jumper- PLT (Budget Versions- here and here)
Jeans- H&M (More Step-Hemshere and here and here)
Loafers- Gucci (Budget Loafers- herehere and here
Bag- Balenciaga (more versions here and here)



  1. Love it all. Don't get too worked up about the mixed metals - just wear a mix of silver and gold jewellery pieces to match and it'll all look intentional! Outfit and post on-point as always. Molly x

  2. Great bag!



  3. Woah, what a bloody beauty. Couuurse you had to have it! Pics are looking FAB BTW love xx



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