Does Anybody Read Blogs Any More?

So, the simple answer to my question, I guess, is yes. (You're here! You're reading! Thank You!). But maybe it's a little more complex than that (bear with). Perhaps you like to click onto blogs but just look at pretty pictures, and shop a bit? Or, you could be the kinda gal (or guy) who always has the intention to read a blog post, but can never quite find the time. (Feelin' you, and I absolutely love blogs). Whichever way it plays out for you, it is a question that bloggers seem to be grappling with on the regular. (Nil points for originality to me- clearly this is not the first blog post to navel-gaze on the subject). I have to confess that I don't actually wanna be a micro-blogger, although life is certainly a lot easier "just" Gramming. The best bit of advice I ever read on this whole topic came from Lucy Williams. She said- you never ever know what's gonna happen with Instagram (or indeed YouTube). Give or take, you own your blog- (Big Bad Facebook own your Instapics, and Google own your vids)- so you have to keep your own space going. Otherwise, you are basically at the mercy of some deeply unsympathetic geeks in Palo Alto. I like reading blogs (especially if they're well written), I like seeing someone's creative juices flowing and I like scrolling through lots of big pictures one after the other (not just swiping through multi-posts on IG- and just how ugly is that white square thingy anyway?).
I could blather on about this outfit now, or how I lost my mind in Celine recently and bought this Alphabet Necklace that I can ill afford, but that might be just a touch too much reading even for the most devoted blog addict to bother with. Let me know your thoughts.
Catch you soon x

Tunic Top- H&M // Similar Here- Here
Pants- H&M // Similar- Here
Shoes- Zara // Similar- Here
Basket Bag- Zara // Similar- Here
Alphabet Necklace- Celine // Similar- Here
Line Print- Juniqe // Similar- Here



  1. Hi! I still read blogs. I found that more entertaining reading their thought on something deeper than just captions. But, sadly, some of bloggers are posting less often on the blogs. So...

    I really like your instagram tho, very simple and nice with mirror selfies ❤


  2. I feel like less and less people are reading blogs nowadays because you actually have to stop and focus on the text, whereas with youtube for example you can just play the video and listen while doing something else. However I feel like because of it blogs become more intimate and personal. It's almost like your own place to share your passions where you control most of it.

  3. Actually this is something I have been asking myself. I'm sure that only a few of my visits actually read my posts. I love reading posts, and Instagram is a different way of looking for inspiration. I like the two ways, but I think that blogs are a need.
    I love your bag, you are such an inspiration!

  4. I still read them :) but prefer to bulk read them, so sit down and read an entire months worth of people I follow :) I need to start doing my blog more though, that's for sure - I've been a slave to the 'gram recently but little else! xx

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