The Italian Job

So, off I went to H&M Oxford Circus yesterday. For a while now it's pretty much been the WORST place to shop in London. They've been refurbishing for what seems like FOREVER, and in any case, I've always preferred the Regent's Street branch, so I've been hitting that joint up with alarming regularity instead. But, it finally seems to be coming together, with loads of floors, and a slightly more airy feel. So, up on Floor 2 were the Anna goodies. As you can see, all the packaging is AMAZE. It's fun and luxe all at the same time. I tried on the full-on BLING visor shades with the big fat chain and tons of embellishment, and as INSANELY HOT as they were, I decided to go for these slightly more understated curvy beauts instead (plus point: they were quite a bit cheaper too). I can see me wearing these A LOT, especially with a red lip. I just wish I had a stunning black and gold decorative D&G dress a la Anna to set them off to their full potential. Ciao for now.....With Lots of Love & Bling xx


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