Born This Way

As we all know, clothing sizes can be TOTES random. In one shop you're an extra small, in another you're a medium. This INCRED printed skirt from Zara is a case in point. Normally in Zara I have to go for an extra small skirt. So when I spied this skirt on the rail and there were only mediums left I thought 'Balls'. Well, I took it into the changing room for a try-on anyway....WHADDYAKNOW....it fitted. *Momentary Sad Face* Now....I've been dieting recently (for the run-up-to-Christmas-type-of-thing-so-I-can-eat-shit-loads-then) and everything else I tried on in that particular sesh was a small (in tops) or extra small (in skirts and trews and jeans)....so I could only conclude that I hadn't magically EXPANDED in between garm-changes. *Relief Face* Then in the queue to pay I heard a Zara person saying they only make 'mediums' of some lines, which I have to confess I never knew before. (Duh). I'm guessing then this skirt falls into that 'only one size' category. *Double Relief Face* Cue: END OF MY LONG BORING STORY....nearly! Just a quick last word on the AMAZE print. It's sort of Op Art Meets Ethnic Meets Stained Glass Window. I think!! :) Anyhoo..... over and out for now. xx
Tee- Topshop
Skirt- Zara
Hat- H&M
Boots- Topshop

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