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I love this t-shirt. It's SICK. Normally I'm not into big n baggy clothes, as they kinda swamp me. But when you heart something, and it only comes in 'Small/Medium'...(and is basically as long as a dress)....you just say 'sod it' and run excitedly to the checkout anyway. And besides, it's good to change-up proportions and wotnot from time to time. Incidentally, apologies for looking half dead/the colour of a corpse/squinty eyed. It was early doors when I shot these pictures, and I don't generally look alive until about 2pm. Anyways up, have a fashiontastic weekend y'all. I'm gonna try and find time to hit up Brandy Melville. Buzz!! Bye for now xx
Tee- Topshop
Skirt- River Island
Hat- Aldo
Boots- Topshop

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