Fix Up, Look Sharp

Hard to believe, but...... I've smartened up my act! 99% of the time I'm very scruffy (you may have noticed), and tend to dress down. I do occasionally get these weird pangs of jealousy though when I see girls on the tube who obviously work in the city, or are lawyers and do the whole corporate look. Sometimes I wish I had an excuse to dress up everyday, but just the same, I'm sure they get jell of girls like me who can wear what they like to work :) I got this Gap sweater with a 30% voucher (love those things!), and the rest of the look is heavily Zara. No doubt, dressing like a laydee won't last too long! Laterz fash heads xx
Jumper- Gap
Trousers- Zara
Shoes- Zara
Clutch- Zara


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