Spring Refresh For My Flat

I've been trying to spruce up the place I call home for a while now. There's actually a few reasons behind wanting to get the joint looking a little fresher. 1) It currently looks pretty rubbish. I refurbished the whole shebang when I moved in (a few years ago now), and at the time I ran outta funds (and energy) to make it actually look cosy and comfy (whilst still being minimal, of course). 2) I actually wanna sell. I hate the neighbours and the neighbours hate me. It's almost certainly time to seek pastures new. 3) My eyes. As mentioned here my eyesight is completely bolloxed. And my flat is very dark (despite these pics- thanks Photoshop) and life has basically become super difficult of late. I need to be wayyyy up high somewhere, on a top floor with a lovely balcony, sitting on a highly aesthetic chair, sipping on organic decaf green tea, reading Vogue and generally being a lot calmer. So. This is what I've done in my quest thus far.
Wall Stuff
I've never actually hung any paintings in my flat. Not one. Reason being: I'm a fusspot. A fusspost and an art historian. Who likes to paint. I've always meant to knock up some pics myself, but never quite got round it. And I convinced myself that I hate prints and repros and shit like that. Only 'real art' would do. Hell, I even had it in my head that I'd try and find a Picasso sketch for about £200 and stick that up on a wall. (Ring Ring, Hi, it's Mr Reality Check). And then....IG happened. It got into my head and made me think that I needed to jump on the Scandi hype. Out went my admittedly pathetic principles, and in came some lovely quote prints from Sealoe. Now, you've probably seen their pretty incred range all over IG yourself, and they don't disappoint in reality. They arrived quickly (with a cute freebie bracelet) too, which then precipitated my next challenge- namely- Ikea.
The Ikea Run
Now, obviously everyone knows hell exists. And it's not red as previously thought, but blue and yellow. And off a dual carriageway. I hadn't visited hell for a while but I needed to brave it. So I took myself off there for the 10am kick off and got stuck in. I bought picture frames, some amaze vases, a fake orchid for £1.50 (WTF!?), some storage boxes and a rather jazzy cushion (deffo need more). I was priddy pleased with my haul. (Everyone: then what happened? Me: I broke a nail trying to put the prints in the frames, swore a lot, bent a pair of scissors, swore summore, took some snaps for IG- (priorities!)- stuck said pics on IG- nobody liked them and swiftly deleted. Such fun). 
My Desk
The next mountain to climb was my desk. This needed some serious work. It's still not massively visual (hence the lack of photographic evidence), but improvements have been made. Before it looked a lot like something off one of those appalling hoarder programmes. I had everything, everywhere. (Nail polishes, papers, cameras, chargers, memory cards, card reader thingy, 1D memorabilia (really!), notebooks, pens, unopened make-up, radio, spare phone, tissues, light and erm, several pairs of socks). Anyroad. I bought some nice storage boxes from Paperchase and got sorting. I also bought an incred wheelie storage wotsit from Zara Home where my hair dryer, straighteners and radio now live. (This footstool is also amaze if you like that Scandi vibe, and would come in incredibly handy next time you're milking a cow). 
Rome Wasn't Built In A Day
I'm now basically obsessed with buying interior shizz (it's all still very much a work in progress), and my OOTDs are suffering slightly as a result. So, major soz for that. I'd love to hear about any interior thoughts you've got though, and any good places to hit up for cool stuff and just generally whatchoo reckon on the home front. Catch you soon xx
Prints- Sealoe//Vases- Ikea//Flower Stems- Ikea
Storage Boxes- Zara Home (textured) & Ikea (plain)//Sneaks via JD Sport
Fake Orchid & Metal Pot- Ikea


  1. Love the I swear on my Chanel picture! Home ware is the best! x


  2. I need the Chanel picture, it's gorgeous!

    Hannah Rose

  3. Well I am just loving the IG prints I bet your flats looking lovely! Sadly I am bless with rather tragic, shoddy furniture that I can't get rid of in the house I rent so no point me heading to 'Hell' for an update in the gaff I'm in atm :-( xx


  4. I love this kind of home interior post! You have amazing style so I wouldn't have expected anything less than perfection, and I'm not disappointed!

    Oh and by the way I secretly love 'Hell'...

    Mary x


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