The Shape Of Things To Come

You know when you're just bursting to chat about your new hauls and how much in love with them you are? That's me that is. So let us begin. 1) This top is everything. The very second I saw it I knew I had to have it. (Despite it being- gasp- colour. And, well, yeah, short-sleeved too). I was gonna layer a skinny grey polo neck underneath (for a nice retro vibe) but I didn't find one in time (and consequently froze to bits shooting this look). 2) These culottes are also everything. They kinda kick-out, some might say- almost balloon- and I will consequently have to brace myself for a slew of mocking comments from my dad. *Fortitude Face* 3) This coat is old so we don't need to discuss it. So anyroad, these purchases were from my first haul of 2015. I hadn't been shopping in a while coz I've felt so ill (it's amazing just how much your eyes can hurt) and although I experienced burning pain throughout my whole shopathon, it was worth it. I also found a sick two-piece in H&M which you may well have seen on my IG. And just to mention- no shoot is complete without #BloggerProblems is it? Basically- neither this top, nor these trews took good pics, at all. (I know I know- you didn't need me to point out the bleedin' obvious). The top creased and moved and annoyed me greatly. The pants also creased to bits and the fabric is so thin that the outline of my hands was irritatingly clear in every shot where I put them in my pockets. (See Fig.8). And thennnn- NYFW started- and the Frame Denim show happened. If you didn't see it (which I'm sure you did) the unbelievable on-pointness of the clothes was a sight to behold. I love it when there's a sea change in fashion- and although this moment has been building for a while (see Gucci SS15)- a full-on 70s revival is happening right freakin' now- and lil ole' scuba tops & baggy culottes & sneaks all seem very over. Essentially, I feel like a dick and want to live in New York in 1976 and star in a Woody Allen film. Catch you soon (hopefully in flares) xx
Top- H&M//Pants- H&M
Coat- Zara//Sneaks- Adidas
Beanie- H&M//Sunnies- And Other Stories



  1. I love this top! So cool.
    Love how you have styled this look

    Emmie x

  2. the shape of these culottes ugh love love!


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