The Product That's Changed My Life (And My Hair)

My hair is dry. Drier than the Sahara. Drier than a mouthful of Cream Crackers. Drier than...well, you get the idea. It's frizzy, unruly, prone to breaking and just generally an all round pain in the...well, you get the idea. I'm constantly searching for something, anything to tame it and make it shiny. My bathroom cupboard is deffo testament to that (it's heaving with every hair oil ever made. You'll understand my frustration when I tell you that even Moroccan Oil soaks into my locks in two seconds and pretty much does nowt). So when I gave the new Kerastase Discipline line a whirl I didn't have very high hopes. 
I tried the shampoo and conditioner first (simply because my sis had bought them and I was keen to know if they were my next favourite thing evah). I've always been a bit of a Kerastase fangirl- using Oleo Relax for the last few years- but sadly lots of this range is being phased out (I particularly loved the blow-dry spray) so the search for replacements has been ongoing for a while. However, the Discipline Duo I wasn't really feeling. They just weren't moisturizing enough for the dreadful coconut shy that lives on my bonce. And they are very fragranced. In a way that just didn't appeal. So, why did I go ahead and buy the Keratin Thermique Taming Milk? Well, actually, my mum wanted it. (This whole venture is very family-orientated, you may have noticed. Thing is though- Kerastatse ain't cheap, so us girls take the 'share and share alike' approach- you share and I like). Again, I tried without high hopes. But- whoah there- this stuff is incred. It really is properly uh-maze-ing. My hair is sooooo much better when I use it. It's controlled and smooth and it has a texture to it that I love and is quite hard to describe. But here goes- you know when hairdressers go on about giving 'guts' to your hair? I'm always thinking 'Well, that's the last thing I want. Gimmie smooth ultra-straight hair like a freaking pair of curtains please'. But this gives guts in a way I never knew I wanted. It's kinda gutsy and smooth all at the same time. If that makes any sense (which it probably doesn't). If you have dry hair that frizzes like you've just stuck your finger in a plug socket I can 100% recommend it. Are you a Kerastase fan? What are your fave haircare products? If you've got any hair recommendations too, please lemmie know :) xx



  1. Lovely post, thanks for sharing - this sounds like a great product <3

    I have a new outfit post on the blog, would love to know your thoughts:

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  2. Never tried Kerastase but now definitely want to. My hair is the unruliest and frizziest ever, especially since bleaching it (damn you sombre!). How often do you wash your hair a week with this stuff? x


  3. This brand is definitely pricey, I remember my mum bought a range to protect our hair on holiday and it was UHmazing. Unfortunately I can't afford it these days but I know it's a keeper!!




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