Repelling Men Special Edition

Call me a weirdo (Everyone: Weirdo!) but if a man is repelled by my outfit I know I'm on to a winner. I would go so far even to say that if a boy actually liked my outfit I'd change into summink else, pronto. I've priddy much always been a tomboy (early doors all I wore were Osh Kosh and Kickers) although I do have to confess to a slightly slutty bodycon phase when I was dating various assorted ballers. (It was appropriate then though- I had a banging bod- including an extremely flat stomach and well, they don't really like subtle, do they?). So, onto these culottes. They repel brilliantly don't they? Hell, you're most likely feeling sick at the sight of me right now. You've probly seen 'em on loaaaddds of bloggers as they made a rather handy appearance in the Zara sale for only £9.99. YES, NINE OF YER ENGLISH AND 99 PENNIES. I used to gauge everything in terms of the cost of a packet of ciggies (before I had to sadly give up smoking), and these trews compare very favourably to 20 tabs. I maybe shouldn't have worn grey with these beautays, but I'm lacking a cream oversized jumper in my life. (I did actually find a tremendous one (also) in the Zara sale- and then I looked at the queue- and promptly gave up). But wait- hold up- am I wearing socks? Damn straight I am. No point repelling blokes if you're gonna do it half-heartedly. These slouchy ones are the very definition of the word oatmeal. Bandage dress wearers have a lovely time in Whisky Mist. Catch you soon xx
Jumper- Gap//Culottes- Zara
Beanie- Topshop//Sunnies- ASOS
Socks- H&M//Sneaks- Adidas



  1. Camel and Grey - Whoop! I wanted these online in the sale but my size had gone :( Topshop had a fab pair too! xx


  2. Absolutely love this post! Couldn't agree any more and those culottes are dreamy

    The Style Works

  3. Haha man repeller so funny! I think u look uber stylish so keep repelling them men gurl! :-) xx



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