7 Very Important Style Questions (And Answers)

I've seen a lot of bloggers recently do Q and As with themselves. Whilst a bit WTF and narcissistic, I thought I'd jump on the hype anyway. So let's get asking and answering. When I say "let's" I mean "me me me". (Seriously though, Freud would have to write another volume with all this ego flying around).
1. What Do You Buy In Bulk?
I have a few Cos Breton tops as they're really quite cheap and I love the shape. I also always repurchase Gap bra tops as I hate wearing normal bras (backache city). I always used to buy loads and loads of  Topshop Jamie jeans, until I made the leap to Acne Skin 5s and now they're the only skinny I wear.
2. What Have You Worn And Regretted?
I actually never regret anything I wear as I know at the time I loved it and thought I looked the bomb. I used to be wayyy more out there when I was younger (I was a club-kid and very experimental) but even when I think back to some of those outfits now I'm still pleased with them! Having said all that perhaps wearing a Juventus top at university was ill-advised (particularly given that I support Fiorentina). In my defence however, it was stolen (off my bezzie's boyfriend) with the aim in mind of getting Rob off the football team to notice me. It dint work though, obvs. He did throw a football at my head once though on the grass outside the refectory which I took to have great passive-aggressive significance.
3) What's The Most Daring Thing You've Ever Worn?
Back to my clubbing days again, I once wore a Whistles bikini top for a night out with a pair of very low slung 501s. Thinking back it was a ledge move :)
4) What Trends Do You Never Tire Of?
I always love a 60s revival. That whole Bardot thing of a Breton, a skinny cropped trouser, ballet flats, a hair band and a cat-eye. I also love an It Bag. And I've 'invested' in a lot of 'em. Oops.
5. What Will You Never Wear?
I'd like to think I won't do bandage dresses or stripper heels or Michael Kors watches, but who knows?
I also absolutely hate those fake Converse that Ash do.
6. Who Is Your Dream Wardrobe Swap?
I'd like to just roam around Tamara Ecclestone's closet simply coz I reckon it's so vast. I also think Kate Bosworth's 'drobe is probably heavenly. And maybe Mary-Kate and Ashley's too.
7. Do You Prefer Heels Or Flats?
Flats flats and more flats. I can't walk in heels at all- I look like a tranny.
Photos by Tommy Ton via style.com


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