How I Instagram

Instagramming is not- I have to confess- my fave thing to do in the world. In fact, it freaks me out. I struggle to just throw a few snaps on there, not be arsed how they're perceived (Read: How.Many.Sodding.Arsehole.Likes.They.Get) and and then piss off and do something less boring instead. (Hi Why Don't You Fans!). No, instead- I stress and I plan. (Which is very much a lifelong habit in regards to, well, just about everything). As a fashion blogger this stuff is i-m-p-o-r-t-a-n-t (appaz) coz we have to 
p-r-o-m-o-t-e. Endlessly. And I like my IG to look as pretty as poss. So- how do my lil' works of art (lolz) come into being? Here's how it goes:
Step 1- Get A Backache
For these shots (and lots like it) I lie down on very hard oak floor. A while back I bought a few pieces of white card from the art shop near me, and I generally use those now for all my 'laying back and thinking of England' snaps. I have to hope and pray the light is good when I find the time to L.B.A.T.O.E. Then I have to take a lorra lorra frames. Most are so shit it's, like, bare jokes bruv. Then I upload to my laptop and ask myself why I'm not Sincerely Jules.
Step 2- Get Editing
There's usually all sorts of stuff that needs to be done to make a picture grammable. You have to remember that your pic is out there in perpetuity (unless you delete of course) and someone may even- gasp- RG you. (You didn't know the Pope's a Prod did you?). So I use Facetune. I take out any bits of dirt and stray hairs that get on my lovely white cardboard (seriously, there are loads of these).
Step 3- Fine Tune
You're probably thinking this frame (above) looks wayyyy too light compared to first one. And for the purposes of blogging I'd have to agree. But on IG I like to try and have lots of light in my pics. (I actually really admire 'dark' accounts- yes- I realise how First World and ridiculous that sounds- but I'm starting to think I may wanna go over to the dark side). Anyway. For fine tuning I use Photo Toaster. I play with the exposure, the temperature, the contrast and the brightness until my frame is lighter than a feather.
Step 4- Filter Lyfe
Then it's back to Facetune for some filtering. My faves on there are Azure and Zaffire. I also like Afterlight as well and if I'm going black and white my most used option on there is Ash.
Step 5- Releasing Your Baby Into The Wild
As with all sorts of a stuff in life- timing is everything. I find I tend to get a better response towards the end of the working day so I try and aim to gram at about 5.30 or 6pm. I actually hate being tactical and having to try and 'optimize' (cringe) on there but if you wanna get noticed/get likes/get blog clicks/get follows/get popular/become the next Chiara Ferragni/run the world then you have to consider this type of balls.
Lemmie know how you gram, what your fave filters are and what are your fave kinda feeds. 
Catch you soon xx
Pants- Zara//Sneaks- Adidas



  1. Great tips! Your instagram feed is perfect!


    1. Thank you lovely :)
      I realllly wanna comment on your blog but Google + keeps foiling me....argh!!!

  2. Great pics and tips!;)

  3. Your IG is perfect... I just can't be doing with such effort! Maybe that's where I'm going wrong xx Amazing pics x

    1. You're deffo not going wrong!!
      You use IG exactly how it's supposed to be used....I'm the massive div :)))

  4. I remeber follwoing you on the 'gram purely because I liked how carefully curated your account is x

    1. Thanx my lovely :)))
      Careful curation sounds so good!!! I'mma take it :)))


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