Zara Navy Culottes

I've got a confession. Here goes. I'm a serial Leaver-In-Bag of clothes. Whenever I buy something I let it rest a while in its little carrier bag. Whilst I recognize this is actually one a of key signifiers of being a shopaholic (face, bothered) I also know there's logic there somewhere. Hear me now! 1) I never know if I wanna take something back. I always find I need to try on and try on again until I'm sure it's a keeper. Particularly given that so many store mirrors make you look thinner than you actually are. (H&M I'm looking at you- looking at me). 2) I like to separate 'old' and 'new'. All the old shit I'm bored of is stuffed into my wardrobe. And the new lovely amaze things are stuffed into bags scattered all over the floor. Somehow that system is 'cleaner' to me. And 3) The aforementioned wardrobe is literally so rammed that there's actually not room for owt new. (I'd start a Tictail and or a Depop...if only there were time). So, these culottes then (which oddly Zara are calling a skort- 2013 alert!). They're new and therefore very very creased. Coz- guess what?- they've been left in a bag. Wow, they really are messed-up. But imagine how cute they'd be without the wrinkles in 'em? Exactly. They've got this incred spilt leg detail which I'm sadly unable to bring you photographic evidence of due to the highly repulsive state of my legs. Next two purchases in the offing: fake tan and a steamer. Catch you soon xx
Breton- Cos//Culottes- Zara
Coatigan- Primark//Sneaks- Adidas
Beanie- Accessorize//Sunnies- Other Stories



  1. Hahah I totally do the same thing! Clothes go in my wardrobe to die and never be worn again, it makes more sense to keep them seperate... Love the culottes!


  2. Okay, I'm officially getting myself a pair of culottes! They look awesome on you. And I'm definitely a leaver-in-bag too, lol now, I know what to call it. I just feel better with them in the bag, feels like unwrapping a gift when I finally get them out lol.

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  3. Perfect! I love the culottes! I also have a bag with some shoes in the at moment, doing the exact same trying on and taking off again!

    Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

  4. Love this look! Culottes are quickly becoming my new favourite (man repelling) item to wear.

    Style and Well Being

  5. love this outfit and i seriously relate to the leaver-in-bag thing! it waits in their whilst i umm and arr at it's future in my wardrobe and only leaves three weeks later when I'm fully committed or it's been left too late to return, obsessed shopper alert!! xx


  6. You've got this look spot on, and I've not seen many pull of culottes well!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  7. I think I should buy culottes too! Its feels like back to old times when we wear culottes and Love your outfit so much!


  8. You always manage to look amazing in more unusual pieces like culottes. Definitely with you on the leaving new clothes in bags thing...as I type I have several bags of new clothes going unworn but not unloved (I haven't made my mind up yet whether to keep them!!) Spot on as always Belle x


  9. I do this too haha

    p.s your cutlotte/trouser game is very strong! x


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