Still Summer

Shoots are like buses, aren't they? You wait forever for one, and then two turn up at once. So, not only do I have the planning skillz of a flea, but I've also managed to replicate the exact colour palette of that aforementioned shoot/bus. You'd think I could remember that I put together a black, white and red look not a couple of weeks since? Nope, not this sieve-head. Actually, laziness is mostly the culprit. I just happened to be wearing these shorts for a day of low-key errand-running (with a skanky auld tee and Birks). I then (stupidly) thought I'd half disrobe and just throw everything else on and trot out with the Nikon. And it shows. These shorts are deffo not blog-worthy and I can only apologise. They will not be rearing their utilitarianism/unflatteringness/mum-at-a-bar-b-queness again. So onto prettier things- like this top. I'm forever in love with a floaty white, hippy dippy tops (especially in this all pervasive Chloe-heavy S/S), and this cutie has stopped me from buying similar ones in Zara (for a lot more dollar). Big yay for that. And whilst me and the Mango glads did not see eye-to-eye (nor ankle-to-tie), these Gap ones (actually love the place, ain't gonna lie) stay up marginally better (although Fig 2 proves that gravity always wins). Oh, and while we're chit-chatting about tie-up sandals, these are dope too. You still clinging to Summer? You digging on ethereal white tops? You ever accidentally worn your shittiest shorts for blogging? Tell all my chicas, catch you soon xx
Top- SheInside*//Shorts- Gap
Gladiators- Gap//Bandana- ASOS//Sunnies- And Other Stories



  1. But I like the shorts! Not too tight or short (who sounds like a mum at a bbq now?) And the top is so pretty, I really thought it was a Zara one x

    Josie’s Journal

  2. I love those gladiators! They look great and I like that the straps are thin and not too high. I'm super short so I'm always self-conscious they'll make me look even shorter!

    Anyhow, great look!

    Kat | Delirium Style

  3. Lovely sandals! Love how you styles the outfit!

    Basic Is The Mood

  4. Love the gladiators! I always find that style of shoes super hard to style but you're rocking them.

    Hannah Rose


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