Happy New Year

Just thought I'd say 'Hiiiiii', Happy 2016, and kick things off for a new year. Whilst I'm not really one for resolutions, if I were to make any, these would be they:
1. Walk More
I'm probably the fattest I've ever been and there's no doubt I used to get from A to B a helluva lot more in recent years on foot. I just can't be arsed lately. And since I got my new car and discovered digital radio I like being in my motor approximately....all the time.
2. Stop Whining
I'm an epic moaner. You probably noticed. It just helps me to whinge. I dunno if it comes from being British, or just being a Naturally Negative Nelly but I find it theraputic. People always think I'm looking for 'solutions' to my 'problems' but I'm not. I just love complaining.
3. Actually Learn More About Photography
I have a kinda of 'camera blindness' that basically means I just point my lens at something and hope it focuses and ends up looking nice. I find ISOs and apertures and all that shit ultra-confusing. How nice would it be to actually understand a camera? (Very). To be fair to myself I never shoot on auto, but I wanna up my game severely.
4. Become A Dot Com
I've been a blogspot foreverrrrrr. I actually enjoy the lo-fi-ness of blogger, especially now everyone's blogs seem to be all singing, all dancing affairs. If I do buy a domain, I'll need help. It'll actually be the fourth time I will have payed someone for a blog make-over. (Yes! Fourth!). And maybe it'll be the moment where I'm actually finally happy with the freakin' thing. I'm resistant though. Squarespace loads super slowly, and Wordpress'll no doubt mash my swede. So, we'll see.
5. Stop Being Bitchy
Nah, ain't gonna happen.
6. Look Boys In The Eye
I avoid boys at all costs. Whilst I'm dateless and utterly, eternally single, this of course makes no sense. The thing is: I don't want boys to look me back in the eye. I don't want them to look at me at all. Because, what if (let's just be wild and reckless here for a second) one of them did actually fancy me? Well, shit. They might actually chat me up, or something weird like that. Which might lead to a date. Which might lead to a bit of, er....oh Jesus. I don't think I better look at any of them. Ever again. As you were.
7. Shred & File
Shredding and filing have got to be the two shittest tasks in the whole wide world. Consequently I dwell in mountains of paper. I even have several 'Would you like a Vogue subscription?' letters from 2011 (and probably from even before that). Need.To.Get.On.It.
8. Enjoy Instagram
Tough one this, as it feels like anything but enjoyable 99% of the time. But it should be fun, shouldn't it?
9. Buy Less Trainers
I'm addicted. I need to stop. I just always like the ones I haven't got.
10. Win A Bloglovin Award
Just kidding.
What have you resolved? Lemmie know x



  1. Happy New Year! Really hope 2016 is happy and healthy for ya. Loved reading this, I am completely with you on number 6 - I feel like it's me who wrote that! x

    Josie | Sick Chick Chic

    1. Right back atcha doll...on all fronts :)))

      Shall we make a pact? I'll start looking boys in the eye if you will?!

  2. this is one of the best New Years posts i have read had me really laughing! I am totally the same with the whole .co.uk thing, I brought mine over four months ago and have tried installing it multiple times to no avail, fricken technology! I personally love your photos always and on the dating front, i was totally the same befor i met my boyfriend, he now has no choice whether he wants to be with me or not haha! hope you have a fab year babe xx


    1. Thank you lovely :)))

      I hadn't actually thought what I'll have to do once I've bought a Dot Com......arrgghh!
      I deffo need a personal tech assistant......or at least a techie boyfriend :)))) (with tattoos, obvs)

  3. Happy new year! AAA I am in love with this post and you definitely have a bomb personality! best of luck for the new year. Do you want to support each others blog by following each other? Please let me know so I can follow you right back:)



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