Why My Phone Has Changed My Life

For the last two years I've been locked into a bitch of a phone contract and the most horrifically appalling handset ever known to humankind- the iPhone4s. Not that I'm one to exaggerate or anything (lolz) but every day was like a techno-battle to get the little bugger to do anything useful at all. In no particular order it: drained down quicker than karma, hit storage approximately 10 days after I got it, froze on the regz (mostly when I had to make or take a crucial call) and basically annoyed the beejeezus out of me all the freakin' time. Now I know most "normal" people would prioritise buying a new phone over a new handbag, but there was no way I was splashing my PPI money on something useful :) As luck would have it my sister's boyfriend hooked me up and I'm now in the iPhone6 game. Yes, it fell off the back of a lorry, yes it's second-hand, but Holy Phoneballs am I happy. Let's look at all the lovely things I can now do:
Have Apps
Yes! Actual apps! The ones that everyone else has! I'm finally getting to see what VSCO is all about (although I heard that they've changed their grid-thingy so you can't preview your Gram, which was actually what I most psyched about jumping on).
Get A Cab
Back to apps again. I've got Uber now. Look at me, Little Miss Twenty First Century.
Take Photos
Lots of them! I'd actually forgotten what it's like to be able to take a pic anytime I want to. In fact, I've been become so used to having no storage that my skillz are #bare and I don't actually need 50 attempts to get something half-human. #justcallmeoneshotwonder
Not Have To Delete All My Mail
My 4s also got me into the deletion habit (probably not a bad one to have picked up as it goes) but I can let those spammy bits rest a while longer now.
Transfer Stuff Wirelessly
Ever since I got an Olympus Pen I've been desperate to get the accompanying app and send my little snaps over to my camera roll and save endless hours uploading. After a couple of false starts I've actually managed to make this happen. (For someone as un-techie as me, this is quite a thing).
Join Tinder
Just kidding. As if. That is the last thing I'mma do. I know what I like, and it's not on there (without me even ever having looked at it. Unless someone can tell me if they have rudeboys, ruffnecks and hoodrats on there at all, at all?).
Get A New Phone Case
The stars have deffo collided in the last week, as the lovely Emma from Richmond & Finch fortuitously contacted me and asked me if I had an iPhone6 in my life. Funnily enough, yes, yes I have. And before too long this beautiful case was also in my life and on my phone. It feels so nice- substantial, grippy- and it doesn't put my teeth on edge (like so many cases do). Plus, it looks well chic
So, in summary- yes- my iPhone6 is making my life way more pleasant than before. I actually feel quite liberated. Now all I need is a new laptop......x
Waffle Knit- Gap//Skinny Rib- Gap//Cup- Design Letters
*Watch- Klarf//*Phone Case- Richmond & Finch


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