Line Up

I have to admit I'm a teeny bit bored of sale shopping (although Sandro and Maje are still luring me in, like the Bisto Kid) so; instead of going through Zara's well thumbed sale rails for the fifteenth time I decided to jump straight into the new season and buy this skirt. AND. I. LOVE. IT. It doesn't sit brilliantly (probably something to do with fat thighs) but it's still beyond cute. As I type, the snow is coming down hard on London Town, and it's making me itchy to get some ubiquitous 'Blogger-In-The-Snow' shots, but it's also making me wish for summer, BIG TIME. Anyways, have a lovely Monday white-out! xx
P.S. Randomly, I saw Natalie Hartley on Saturday. I wanted to run up to her and tell her I love her but that would've been very uncool wouldn't it?
P.P.S. Normal beanie service will be resumed shortly :)
Jumper- Primark
Shirt- Zara
Skirt- Zara
Hat- H&M


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