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I'm a complete arm-candy addict. Bags are really the only big fashion purchases I make. And man alive, are the purchases big. I remember when bags were about £500 a pop (misty-eyed face) and although that's still insanely, ridiculously huge money, it didn't make you want to kill yourself when you'd spent it. Now all lust-worthy bags seem to top the £1000 mark. There's deffo something very wrong wrong wrong with that price-point situation. However, it doesn't stop the lusting and yearning for new potential buys, namely: a Givenchy Antigona, a Celine Luggage, a Celine Cabbas and a Prada Saffiano Two, in my case :)
In the meantime, here's a glimpse into my ongoing collection (well, part of it, the rest of my babies are at my Mum and Dad's!)
 Miu Miu Tote
This is the bag I lug around on a day-to-day basis. It's full of shit :) I got it in Selfridges a few years back and it's severely old and knackered but it does a job.
Alexander Wang Rocco
I love this bag but it's way heavy coz of the studs on the base. I also bought this is Selfridges, but with a very lovely 20% special shopping weekend discount. Wooo :)
Miu Miu Glazed Bow Bag
I've had this bag for about four years now. It's totally capacious (love that word) and I find that grey is so useful as a year-round colour (see also Alex Wang).
Mulberry Tillie
I bought this in the airport on the way to LA. We were running super-late so I had to make a very quick decision, which killed me a bit as I like to ponder big-ticket purchases. But as it turned out I've used it tons of times since and although it's bit fiddly and the hardware is vicious, I love it to bits.
Balenciaga Gold Stud Velo
I actually also have this bag in tan, which is ludicrously indulgent of me. I guess it looks a bit dated now and I should probably sell it, but it stresses me out to sell my stuff :) It's still amazing to use though as it's light and soft.
Marc Jacobs Quilted Single
I was saving up for a Chanel and it was taking forever. I happened to be bag browsing (plus ca change) and decided to just leap in and buy this instead, thinking "I'm never gonna have enough for a Chanel". Now that was probably completely the wrong decision, as a Chanel is ever further out of my reach and I will probably never own one (sad face). My Marc however, is a truly excellent handbag and I am totally glad I have it in my collection.....but I can't help still pining after that elusive Chanel :)

So, that was a little browse through my demi-collection. You'll notice there's something definitely missing...and that's colour! I seriously need to address that situation. Maybe when I get my next scratchcard I'll be able to :)


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