Colour Blocking

I love nail polish. (No kidding!). There's something weirdly addictive about seeing rows and rows of bottles all lined up *Grown Up Sweets Face*. I can't even get my head around the fact that a few short years ago I only ever painted my nails, week in, week out, in Essie's 'Adore-A-Ball'. And that was it. What was I thinking? Since then, me, and just about everyone else in the whole wide world have embraced colour. And nail art. And special effects. Almost to the point where a sheer neutral nail is starting to look fresh. I don't think I'm quite ready to return to 'The French' just yet, and so, in honour of colour I thought I'd just share a few piccies of my most worn shades. I've seen some pretty inspiring nail polish posts about recently, and whilst this isn't the most inventive way to showcase some of my collection, hopefully you can still get a nice sneaky peek into my faves. Tons of my bottles seem to have mysteriously gone M.I.A. (I blame my sister, of course!!) but whilst they're on the AWOL list let's do a run through what I've actually managed to snap (deep breath!).
Rimmel (from left to right): Sky High, Blue Eyed Girl, Too Cool To Tango, Round And Round The Garden, At Ease, Caramel Cupcake, Little Bo Peep, Mary Mary Quite Contrary, Ring A Ring O' Roses, How Do You Lilac It.
Essie (from left to right): Turquoise And Caicos, Mojito Madness, Stylenomics, Bobbing For Baubles, Mesmerised, Butler Please, No More Film, Recessionista, Secret Stash, Don't Sweater It, Miss Fancy Pants, Chinchilly, Blanc.
Nails Inc (from left to right): Porchester Square, Basil Street, Jermyn Street, God Knows, No Clue, Motcomb Street.
Do you have any of these in your collection? Which are your faves? Shout me a holler :) Have a lovely colourful weekend, catch you soon x



  1. Love your collection! I've never tried the Rimmel 60 seconds may have to give them a go! Love Essie though!!

    lyonsnotes.blogspot.co.uk x

    1. Deffo give Rimmel a whirl...they have a fat brush (like the Boots version of Essie) so if you're a lazy bugger like me it's perfect!!

      Plus they're super cheap and Boots always seem to be doing 2 for 3
      (my downfall!!)

  2. Oh my days chick loving the collection - Yeah I know that feeling and it's definitely like a grown up in a sweet shop looking at all the pretty colours in bottles. Still got a soft spot for glitter must be the 90's child in me.

    Yorkshire Pud xx


    1. Oooh...I love a bit of glitter too :)
      This is only part of my collection...ha...there's lots of sparkly polishes that I didn't take snaps of!!

      Hope you and your lil' pudding are good :)

  3. Oh my goodness! How amazing are they?
    I wish you were my neighbour haha :)
    I love those 3 brands a lot too and chine glaze

    chanelle jade x


    1. Thanx darl'...I don't know China Glaze....I'll have to investigate!!


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