I Don't Care, I Love It

I'm not quite sure why but I'd never tried 'Joni' jeans on before in Topshop until I pounced on these heart-printed versions...but I have to say, I'm massively impressed. I'd kinda dismissed them as strictly for tall thin girls with lovely flat tummies (none of which apply to me) but, nevertheless, I successfully shoe-horned myself in a pair of Size 25s and I love 'em :) It takes a lot for anything to make me feel thin, but strangely these do. You know when a fabric contains your fat, rather than your flab filling the material? Well, that's what these do. I've been a devotee of 'Jamie' jeans for a while now, but these could deffo give 'em a run for their money. Have you tried on any Joni's? I'd love to know if they keep their shape...hit me up! Happy Monday lovelies xx
PS How difficult is it to get that 'I don't care I love it' song out your head when you've heard it? Ridick catchy innit....worse than #blurredlines.....I need my headspace free for 1D tunes..ha!
Jeans- Topshop//Tee- Topshop
Boots- Office//Hat- H&M



  1. You're from the 70's, but I'm a 90's bitch...

    i'm not a massive jeans wearer. i struggle massively with jeans... i have a 13" diff between my waist and hips but cos i'm short jeans just don't work unless they're real low slung so i can get a bigger size without them then being too big on my waist. it's a proper stress. tbh trousers in general are a no for me cos of this reason. if i was longer between my hips and waist it would b WAY better.

    u look amazewah as per... i love those boots.. i'm obsessed with anything cut out at the mo.

    omg u raped much in the zara sale yet? my zara had HOARDS of stuff in so i was like 'need. need. need. want. need.' ;P

    hope ur having a lovely week! :))

    p.s my bedroom is KH-esque btw... grey and taupe with a duck egg blue accent. totes zen. totes lush. totes feel cleansed. :-))


  2. I crashed my car into the bridge....(seems feasible with my driving skillz)

    Ooohh my lovely...you sound like a pocket venus!!
    Fitting into stuff though is just generally a nitemare for all girls I reckon...I should probably stop being sucha Moaning Minnie...as my sis pointed out:

    Her "What's your problem exactly, that you're a Size 8 and not a Size 6?"
    Me "Erm, yeah"
    Her "Well then"

    I think we just want what we ain't got :)

    I'm cray for cut-outs at the min too- I'm having to stop myself buying more and more of 'em!

    Not much pillaging in Zara for me thus far- one solitary pair of zip-pocket trews....but I'm not done yet :)

    Gotta just tell you....I've seen KH out shopping a few times. Once, me and her were trying on the same pair of Miu Miu shoes....she just scowled at me like, "How dare you try on the same thing as me you heathen!!"

    Still love her though :))


    1. omg for realz? i'd fan girl on her ass... how was her hair? did u want to twirl it in ur fingers?!?! i don't think i woulda been able to stop myself... it looks so soft... but tight curls like that shouldn't be... :/

      and yes... size 8... deffo fashion blogger problemo that... ;P

      i kno... always wanting something changed is the way girls operate i reckon. it's like cos i'm working out, i've lost weight of my bazookas. damn u exercise! soooo need a boobie job now!!

      oh n u may appreciate this RE driving skillz... i ran someone over once... it was ok tho... i wasn't driving my car! smashed dad's up proper tho! ha! tbf considering the bloke was lying on the bonnet and i got a right fright, i was real brave! i was impressed with how well i handled it all... :))


    2. HOLY SHIT...I've crashed a lot in my time...but no-one's ever ended up on the bonnet!!!

      I think I've finally mastered lighting a ciggie, changing the radio station and turning right all at the same time :)

      OMG...you couldn't possibly fangirl on Kelly, or touch her hair- she'd give you the death stare...swear down!
      She's t-e-r-r-i-f-y-i-n-g.

      And I'm jell your boobies are deflating...I wish!!
      (Back to that wanting what you can't have shizz....)
      I'm a big believer in...you can never be too rich or too thin....oh to be tall skinny loaded and flat-chested :)

      Laterz chick


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